The use of recycled cardboard in the production of cardboard separators and dividers, a working philosophy that respects the environment.

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Mission and values

“L’Alveare” has a very clear idea of how the future of protective packaging will be, destined to be increasingly requested; the panorama of the solutions will easily expend, but certainly the choice to adopt sustainable raw materials, such as stretched and corrugated cardboard, will always remain thanks to the virtuous characteristics of a paper that is, recyclable over and over again.

This means great attention to the environment, a factor that constitutes a value for L’Alveare, as it is and will be in the future of each of its customers. Sustainability, attention to the environment and organizational efficiency are the goals for L’Alveare, as well as being the prerequisite for the quality of the products offered to its customers.


Protection and sustainability

Our customers come to us because they have to fulfill a need: to protect their product from shocks and jolts. But we believe that there are many additional needs. First of all, start up automation processes for inserting separators, the primary factor for containing costs for any company. Another feature which we evaluate carefully is that the protection system guaranteed by the separator should be correctly sized.



Fragility is not a limitation of our economy, it reminds us that it is necessary to take care of what man produces to help other people to live better.

Everything and everybody, when it is in movement, is inevitably fragile, but paradoxically it is precisely this that makes it survive.

For us, dealing with fragility, means thinking deeply about the protection of every creation of man.

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