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since 1991.

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L’Alveare Srl

Protection packaging,
cardboard dividers an separators
in stretched and corrugated cardboard.

A completely customized and tailored range of protection elements for the beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, mechatronics and glassware sectors.
L’Alverare Srl dividers are the best solution to ensure product integrity during transport, avoiding damage or breakage.

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The company

A manufacturer of cardboards separators and cardboard dividers since 1991.
Our intent is to provide solutions, both in stretched and corrugated cardboard, which allow our customers the optimal management of packaging, protection and storage.

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Ecological philosophy

The importance of the environment, the use of completely recycled cardboard in our protective packaging.

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Technique and logistics

We have a fleet of machines that can make customized cardboard separator in order to protect your products. We also take care of delivering the material with our own means.

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We can make any type of custom cardobard separator and dividers.

Thanks to the internal machinery and the experience acquired, we are able to create any size of separator hive.

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