L’Alveare Srl: 30 years of customized solutions. Custom cardobard separator and dividers in corrugated and flat cardboard.

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Our Story

It was 1991 when Walter and Maria Grazia and Davide started and defined their project of production of hives and separators.

Then the idea to offer to the market that particular protection support to products that were shipped anywhere in the world, was not at that time very widespread, but was immediately understood and soon brought the need to create a well-organized structure with technologies and machinery, able to guarantee fast and efficient responses to customers.

They matured such experience and knowledge as to make their product and service synonymous of good quality, well done and promptly delivered, so much so that today “L’Alveare” is considered a leading company in its market.

Not everything was easy and obvious, the need to be competitive has meant that the three pioneers had to give new perspectives to the future of the company by making investments and innovations to always be a step forward.

Today the company can count on highly experienced employees, and with constantly updated machine park, is able to work all kind of format and it is structured for a direct and rapid deliveries to its customers for direct and rapid deliveries to its customers.


Internal storage


Our Service

our commitment is to put the customer at the center of our attention, this is why we try to anticipate every need and plan every dedicated solution.

This means proposing new solutions that optimize the flow and the logistics of the process and to improve the performance of the packaging.

Sharing with our customers the expectations of better service and lower environmental impact, we believe it is an added value that our customers recognize.

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